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How Taekwondo Is Better Than Other Sports

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

This article was written by Online Branch Master Brace

Before anyone gets upset, I’m going to first say that other sports are great. If you are a fan of another sport, then that is wonderful. All sports have some valuable skills that one can learn; however, I’m going to tell you why Taekwondo is a sport that is the best all-around sport for everyone.

Taekwondo is more than just a sport or activity; it is a way of life. Through our teaching of the tenets of Taekwondo: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, Indomitable Spirit and Personal Victory, we are teaching important life skills that can be used in Taekwondo *and* in everyday life. When have you seen these tenets taught in other sports? Taekwondo teaches you how to work together as a team *and* an individual.

Taekwondo is more than just an activity of kicking, punching, fitness and games. Through our Taekwondo activities, you will learn to focus your mental and physical abilities. Perfecting these kicks and punches requires focus, practice and perseverance. As a Taekwondo practitioner you begin to develop strong habits of self-discipline by practicing your techniques and overcoming physical and mental challenges on your journey. Every skill, technique and ability that you will learn builds upon the previous skills, techniques and abilities. Our instructors will guide you and teach you on your journey.

At New Creation Taekwondo our instructors are high quality, highly trained teachers who have the skills and abilities to help you achieve your Taekwondo goals. Although there are some excellent coaches in other sports, our instructors go through a long, rigorous certification process that is world certified. Our Branch Master Instructor trains each instructor over a long rigorous process of a few years to make sure that they are ready to teach students on their own. When each instructor is done his/her certification process he/she is able to teach students of all ages, abilities and personalities. They know how to teach to all kinds of people while upholding the tenets of Taekwondo.

Taekwondo is a sport where participation is required. To learn Taekwondo you need to participate, *and* our students love to participate everyday. Team sports will often allow the *best* players to play while the *lesser* players “warm the bench”. At New Creation Taekwondo we give attention to all of our students. The only person that you are competing against is yourself. Challenging yourself to do better, to learn skills and to earn the next belt or rank. Your personal best is your focus. We teach you to strive for self-improvement. For some the goal is black belt and perfection of the basic skills and techniques. For others it is the confidence to defend oneself. For others it is for fun. For others it is the socializing aspect of being around other students. For still others it is an enjoyable fitness routine. Whatever your reason is for joining; everyone will learn the same important skills: courtesy, integrity, perseverance and self-control. These are skills which you can apply to all aspects of your life. You will create a new way of life for yourself.

Your journey at New Creation Taekwondo starts with white belt. You start out with a small goal and a big goal. Most people will set their first small goal to earn the next belt (white belt with yellow stripe). Their long-term goal is usually to earn a black belt. Each time you achieve one small goal, you set the next goal on your way to the larger long-term goal. You will see your progress of increased strength, focus, self-control, speed and stamina. Our grandmaster, masters and instructors look forward to teaching you a sport that will benefit you far better than any other sport out there. You will learn valuable skills that can’t be learned anywhere else. Doing other sports is OK, but doing Taekwondo is better for yourself and your life. In fact Taekwondo will help you to do *better* at other sports due to the training you receive. Don’t pass up the opportunity to generate new possibilities for your life!

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