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No Shortage Of Love...

(Pictured: on the left Avary and on the right Maddy)

We enrolled our daughters after a trial week back in October of 2020, during the height of the COVID pandemic. In just a few short weeks Master Henry, Instructor McLean, and Miss Markeitah did more for our girls self confidence, attitude and overall happiness with their hugs, instruction, and positivity.

The change in our oldest daughter Maddy was amazing. She went through a personal tragedy, losing her father about 8 weeks after starting classes. The NCT staff embraced her, loved her, prayed with her and kept her focused and feeling so safe that she never went into that dark place that many teens fall into. She has also maintained straight A's during high school.

Our youngest daughter Avary was very self conscious about her size. She's very small for her age. She was teased about it a lot and even though she put up a good front she was bothered by it. NCT transformed her. She is more brave, more confident, and happier. The encouragement and support are absolutely phenomenal. She even tried out for the soccer team this year. She has also become very supportive of her classmates in both school and Taekwondo. She often goes in early to help out with the younger classes and it gives her such a wealth of independence and and confidence.

NCT has supported our family for the last year through some devastating hardships and loss, and also through some absolutely wonderful things. There is no shortage of love here. They love what they do and they love us. We can feel it every time we come through the doors. We feel like family.

I encourage every parent to come check out a class. Come see the smiles and feel the love this school has to offer. You won't be sorry. ❤️ The Dellett Family

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